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Why You Should Become a Physician Assistant?

If you are asking yourself just why you should study to become a physician assistant, there is a good chance that you are considering a career in the medical field, but are not committed to investing all of that time and energy into becoming a full-fledged doctor. In one sense, you should become a physician assistant because you will not have to spend nearly as much time in school as a doctor would going through med school. However, in another sense, you could want to become a physician assistant primarily because you enjoy providing primary care services to people who would otherwise not be able to access them as easily.

To understand why you would want to become a physician assistant, you should first understand what a physician assistant is all about. A physician assistant is a medical professional just like a doctor is. However, the big difference between a physician and a regular doctor lies in the fact that a physician assistant is subordinate to a regular doctor. This means that a physician assistant cannot really operate without being under the supervision of a doctor, although there are exceptions. For example, a physician assistant may be allowed to do a lot of the things that a doctor does, such as writing prescriptions (at least in some states only, though), evaluating patients, ordering tests for said patients, giving patients advice on a specific course of treatment and diagnosing ailments.

Now, it is easy to see that a physician assistant is basically a medical professional who does not have as much education as a doctor—which is why he still has to work under the supervision of a doctor—but can do a lot of the same things that a doctor performs. This profession was meant to increase the number of medical professionals who could provide primary care services to patients, and the statistics bear that out when you consider that a lot of physician assistants working today actually work in the primary care field of medicine.

You should want to become a physician assistant for more than just a love of medicine, though. As a physician assistant—as with anyone who works as a medical professional—you are clearly going to be dealing with a good number of people. Thus, you should have a decent amount of people skills, and you should also genuinely enjoy working with people since you are going to be seeing a lot of patients as a physician assistant. Further, you should also want to sincerely help people, as the patients you will be seeing will be people with all sorts of medical ills and ailments, eager to have a medical professional with a sympathetic attitude. Having good people skills means that you ought to have attributes such as good listening qualities, a good bedside manner, a good helping of patience, a willingness to strive to do your best to help patients and a good work ethic that puts patients ahead of anything else.

The above should have answered a great deal of why you should want to become a physician assistant. As you can see, this medical profession is something that will put you in touch with a lot of people, thereby necessitating good people skills and attributes like empathy. A physician assistant career is a good compromise between wanting a career in the medical field, though not wanting to invest quite as much time studying to be a doctor in med school. Of course, the compensation for a physician assistant, which can get into the six-figure range in some cases, is another good reason for why you would want to become one.

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