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Salary of Physician Assistant

Before we can talk about the salary of physician assistant, we must briefly look at what a physician assistant really is. While some people may have heard of a physician assistant before, a good number of people still likely have not heard of this profession, and with good reason. After all, as a medical professional, the physician assistant has been around only since the 60s when the first courses for this medical profession were offered.

Basically, a physician assistant is a medical professional who is both licensed as well as trained to practice medicine under the supervision of a medical professional. The concern of a physician assistant is the prevention, the maintenance and the treatment of medical illnesses as well as injuries via the provision of a wide array of healthcare services that are usually provided only by a doctor. In example, a physician assistant can be licensed to do physical examinations, diagnose as well as treat sicknesses, order tests and analyze test results, give advice with regard to preventative healthcare, help out with surgery, offer medical orders and even write some prescriptions in certain states.

We all know that a regular doctor makes a lot of money every year, especially if said regular doctor has a lot of years of experience and/or works in a very specialized field of healthcare. It might surprise and interest some people to know that a physician assistant makes a decent amount of money, too, although still not as much as a traditional doctor. The mean salary for a physician assistant is approximately $80,000 per year, which is quite good by the standards of a lot of people! Now, to provide just a little bit more context to that figure, remember that $80,000 a year is only an average, so there are going to be physician assistants who make a little bit less than that amount per year, while other physician assistants can pull in an amount in excess of $80,000.

To wit, some physician assistants earned only $68,000 per year, but there were other physician assistants who earned as much as $97,000 per year. Further, any physician assistant who has finished school and is just starting out is only going to make about $50,000 per year. Clearly, there is a correlation in the scope of physician assistant salaries with regard to more experience and a greater income per year. There is also a good projection with regard to the amount of the salary that a physician assistant can make every year. Based on numbers from the website of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a physician assistant is slated to expand by around 10 percent in future years, mainly because of the increase in demand for people who work as this kind of medical professional.

There is a clear link between how much money a physician assistant makes per year and how much of a demand his or her profession will experience. According to some estimates, between 2011 and 2016 alone, the profession of a physician assistant will expand by up to 40 percent, easily making this career choice superior to a lot of other occupations.

As you can see, the average salary of physician assistant is quite high, making it a solid career choice for somebody who wishes to be able to make a good living. With an average yearly salary of about $80,000, a physician assistant is going to be able to make a good living to support his or her family. When you couple that with the fact that a physician assistant does not have to go to school for nearly as long as a regular doctor, you can understand how desirable this career choice is.

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