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Pathologist Assistant

The constantly increasing work responsibilities in many hospitals have consequently elevated the need for Pathology Assistants in numerous hospital set ups. They are hired in many hospitals, morgues, funeral homes and other related industries to ease the work tension.

A pathologist assistant is basically an intensively trained allied health professional, capable of providing anatomic pathology services, but strictly under the supervision and direction of a Pathologist. Pathology has evolved over the years to cover broader and diverse fields, though there are some limitations to how much an assistant pathologist can do.

The increasing workload in hospitals and related industries has created numerous career opportunities, and led to immense growth and demand for pathologist assistants.

The Work of a Pathologist Assistant

Under the direction and supervision of a pathologist, a pathologist assistant can perform the following tasks:

  • Help senior assistants in the preparation, description and dissection of human tissue surgical specimen
  • Teaching several courses relating to human anatomy and physiology, gross and microscopic photography, histology, gross pathology and gross dissection skills for both autopsy and surgical pathology to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Perform various managerial and administrative tasks like handling budgets, supervising employees, filling of reports, maintaining medical records and many more.
  • Obtain various specimens like blood, urine and tissue samples for complex analyzing of medical problems.
  • Help in postmortem examinations in the case of an autopsy pathologist assistant.

Though, pathology assistants are qualified to provide a wide array of tasks, they are not mandated to certain tasks like diagnosis, including gross examination of surgical pathology specimens, tissue banking, and complex surgical resections and autopsies.

The future also holds a lot especially for those with immense pathology experience, as they gain higher levels of responsibility and begin performing advanced autopsy and dissection procedures. If they happen to further their education, they can also advance to become pathologists, senior supervisors, quality control technicians, or part of hospital management.

General Information on Pathology Assistant

Step into any community hospital, government or public community hospitals, medical academic centers and numerous reference labs and you will never miss the presence of several pathology assistants, though hospitals still remain the biggest recruiters.
This is a field that requires extreme innovative and analytical thinking coupled with excellent problem solving skills. One needs to posses the ability to pay close attention to details, especially when conducting research or handling instruments.
The basic education requirement is usually a Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing or Biology. Though there are also other study routes to take and also, many assistants these days have Masters Degrees.

Pathology Assistant

The work experience for an assistant is what forms the crucial baseline to salary negotiations and with considerable work experience, one can always apply for better paying jobs. A pathologist assistant salary averages at $35,410 for new entries, and an average of $64,670 for experienced ones and $90, 350 for those with advanced experience in pathology.

If you think that you possess excellent communication skills, both written and oral, and also posses the natural affinity and aptitude for science and mathematics then visualize yourself working in any busy pathology department because it’s an excellent career choice with more than a handful of benefits.

For more information on pathology assistants, you can always check on this site for updates.

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