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Radiologist Assistant Salary

If your career path is directed towards becoming a radiologist assistant, then this is the article that will show your potential Radiologist Assistant Salary in detail. A well-outlined overview on what you are likely to earn annually is provided for in this article in case your career is reflected towards becoming a radiologist assistant.

A Radiologist Assistant (RA) is not an actual physician, however it’s considered as the most advanced radiology position one can obtain, basically short of being the actual radiology physician. Radiologist assistants work very closely with the physicians, and for one to attain this position, one must complete a Master’s Degree program in Radiology, and pass an American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) exam designs specifically to the RA position.

Radiologist Assistant: Job description

Radiologist assistants serve a subsidiary role and they have a wide array of duties outlined. You need to first fully understand and grasp of what is expected of an assistant radiologist before determining the Radiologist Assistant Salary. Some of the tasks they are charged with are:

  • Patient care before and after medical imaging procedure
  • Explain the procedures to patients in much detail
  • Carry out non- invasive imaging tasks and radiology procedures under the supervision of the Radiologist MD
  • Help in evaluation of imaging results, though the final report is compiled by a radiologist
  • Assist Radiologists in most invasive and non-invasive procedures and help in coming up with detailed reports
  • Conduct radiology exams under the direct supervision of a physician
  • Performing some pre and post procedure evaluations to a greater degree in order to alleviate time pressure of the physician


Radiology Assistant Salary: the Annual Average

Salary is one of the major incentives when choosing any career path and Radiology assistant is not an exception. Factors like level of expertise, experience and demand for the job are great determinants when it comes to salary negotiations.

Radiologist assistant Salary is quite promising especially with the increasing number of advanced machinery that requires more skill to operate. Radiologist assistants earn very lucrative salaries and statistics have shown that the average annual salary for a registered Radiologist Assistant with minimal experience is about $99,510.

If the experience in radiology increases in the coming years, one is likely to pocket an average of $223,435 per annum. For those advanced in the field, a handsome salary of an average of $347,360 per annum will be offered.

Acquiring extra skill also implies an increase in a radiologist assistant salary. The job location, in terms of the area of work also determines what an assistant radiologist is likely to earn because, private hospitals pay higher, followed by government hospitals, and last, those working in non- governmental organizations get lower salary scales.

Radiologist Assistant Salary

There has been a significant change in radiologist assistant salaries over the past 10 years. The shortage of Radiologist MD has created a huge gap, leading to an increasing demand for radiologist assistants to alleviate this problem and there is the benefit of very promising salaries.

Radiologist Assistants are a valuable addition to the radiology team for provision of quality patient care under the supervision of a Radiologist MD. I hope this article will induce you to choose a Radiologist Assistant as a positive career path. You can always check out for more information on Radiologist Assistant Salary.

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