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Average Physician Assistant Salary

Just what is the average physician assistant salary? Before you know the details about the salary of a physician assistant, you ought to understand exactly what a physician assistant actually does. Maybe you have heard of a physician assistant or maybe you have not. For some people, hearing the term “physician assistant” may be somewhat of a surprise because they tend to think in terms of “junior doctor” or something along those lines. In fact, as CNN Money puts it, the physician assistant is basically the proverbial Robin to the doctor’s Batman. In short, a physician assistant works at the privilege of a doctor and helps him out in numerous ways.

However, if you really believed that a physician assistant was just the stooge to a doctor, you would be completely wrong. You see, even though a physician assistant works under the supervision of a doctor, he actually performs virtually anything and everything that a doctor performs. To wit, as long as a physician assistant has the requisite training, the requisite state licensure and works under a doctor’s supervision, he can do a lot of things. He can treat patients, order tests, interpret test results, diagnose patients, give patients advice on a healthy lifestyle, assist in the operating room, dole out medical orders and even write prescriptions (but only in some states).

According to the website called, the average physician assistant salary can be quite generous. When you consider the fact that a physician assistant does not have to go to school for nearly as long as a doctor, the compensation for this medical professional is quite rewarding, indeed. The average physician assistant salary comes out to $89,864, which is better than a lot of jobs even within the medical industry! Of course, when talking about averages, it also is a necessity to understand that there are outside factors that contribute to this salary.

For instance, if a physician assistant works in a large, metropolitan area, then the average salary would be relatively higher than the $89,864, which is the average for the country. As a matter of fact, his average salary would likely be closer to $106,618, which, according to, is the median salary of physician assistants in the top 90th percentile in the U.S. On the flipside, if a physician assistant were to be employed at a clinic or a hospital in a more rural area, then his average salary would be lower than the $89,864. It follows then that his average salary would be closer to just $74,985, which, again according to, is the average salary for the bottom 10th percentile of physician assistants in the U.S.

Furthermore, experience has a lot to do with salary. For instance, if a physician assistant is just out of school and has little to no experience working as a physician assistant, then his average salary would be lower than the $89,864 average for the country. On the other hand, if a physician assistant already has years of experience under his belt, then he can expect to haul in more than the country’s average of $89,864 for this medical profession.

Any way you cut it, though, the average physician assistant salary is quite high and will give the individual at the very least a middle class income. Even the lower 10th percentile of physician assistants in the U.S. makes good money, which is to say nothing of those who are part of the top 90th percentile. Working as a physician assistant can be quite rewarding, both in a professional manner as well as a financial manner.

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