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Physician Assistant Resume

The main role of a physician assistant is to support doctors in managing patients and diagnosing illnesses. They are educated and trained to do a number of things that include taking medical histories, performing medical examinations and analyzing test results. Physician assistants, also known as PA’s, practice a variety of medical procedures under the supervision of a surgeon or physician.

Physician assistants are formally trained to do their job. They usually work in doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare environments. Most of these physician assistants work full time but there are many others that work only part time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary of a physician assistant is $86,410 as of May 2010.

In the United States, the employment for physician assistants is expected to increase in number to a total of 30 percent from the year 2010 to 2020. According to the BLS, the increase is much faster than any other occupation in the United States. Because more and more physicians enter the area of medicine, there is a greater need for healthcare providers now more than ever.

If you are one of those professionals who is looking to be a physician assistant and is currently looking for a job, this article will provide helpful tips on how to create an appealing and effective resume.

Tips on Creating Your Physician Assistant Resume

Assuming that you have all the requirements in order to get a physician assistant job, then you can start applying today. The first step to applying for a job is to create an impressive resume that will interest prospective employers.

The first thing to do when writing a physician assistant resume is to make a list of everything you have accomplished in your life. This includes your education, your work experience, honors, awards, skills and languages you have learned among many others. List your accomplishments in a chronological order, starting from the most recent going backwards.

You need to include all the relevant trainings you attended as well as your educational background and work experience. Upon graduation from a Physician’s Assistant Educational Program, you are required to pass the PANCE or Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam if you are in the United States. In order to keep the certification, you also have to complete 100 hours of continuing education every couple of years. Aside from this, you are required to take a “recertification examination” once every six years.

If you have passed all exams and certifications required, you need to include them in your resume. You also need to mention in your physician assistant resume that you are allowed to practice your profession in the state where you reside. Therefore, if you haven’t done this, then you should obtain the proper authorization from the state government.

Many hospitals and private physicians that need PA’s require at least two years of work experience. However, many smaller hospitals accept applicants as long as he meets all the qualifications. Make sure that you highlight all your relevant work experiences in your resume.


Once you have completed your resume, you may start submitting them to the appropriate venues. You can gain employment in hospitals, private clinics, outpatient care centers, academic medical centers, prisons and other private companies.

Once you are hired, some of your main duties will include taking medical history, providing help during surgeries, ordering lab tests, explaining the condition of patients, prescribing medications and helping patients by providing a preventive care plan. As you may already know, the job of a physician assistant is just as much as complicated as the job of a real physician.

Being a physician’s assistant requires a lot of patience, dedication and hard work. Being qualified for the position alone requires a lot of time and money in order for you to complete all of them. Working as a PA can be even more challenging.

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