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Physician Assistant Salaries

Physician assistant salaries are quite lucrative when you think about it, especially when you consider that you do not have to go to school anywhere near as long as you do for a doctor’s occupation. In other words, you can live quite comfortable on the salary of a physician assistant, but to become one, you will still have to go through years of school. Essentially, a physician assistant can get a license to do practically everything that an actual doctor would do when carrying out his or her duties on the job. The only catch is that this medical professional has to usually work under the supervision of a doctor, without any autonomy of his own.

A physician assistant receives training and a license to practice medicine so long as he works under the supervision of a physician. As a healthcare professional, the physician assistant’s primary concern lies with stopping, maintaining, and treating all sorts of human sicknesses and injuries. His role is to offer a variety of healthcare services that were traditionally offered by a doctor. As far as his job description goes, a physician assistant is qualified to perform physical examinations, diagnose as well as address illnesses, order tests and analyze test results, give advice on preventative healthcare, help out in the operating room, provide medical orders and write some prescriptions.

You can usually find a physician assistant in the following environments: a clinic, a hospital or any other sort of healthcare facility. They can, at times, exercise a certain degree of autonomy, but only to the point that their supervising physician determines. Before an individual can practice as a physician assistant, he usually has to get his bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and complete a clinical internship. Once a physician assistant obtains his license to practice, he has to get it renewed every few years, which varies according to the state in which he is working.

As far as how much money a physician assistant can make, according to the website called, the median expected salary for this medical professional is quite rewarding to say the least. The median expected salary for a physician assistant in the U.S. stands at just under $90,000 at $89,864. Of course, since this is just the median salary for a physician assistant, there will be extremes on both sides of the salary scale.

For example, the bottom 10 percentile of all physician assistants in the U.S. is about $74,985. Now, while this is still a very tidy sum of money that one can use to live a comfortable life, it is obviously a lot less than the median salary. On the other end of the spectrum lies the top 90 percentile of all physician assistants in the U.S. The salary for a physician assistant at this extreme is $106,618, which is, again, according to information provided by It goes without saying that this type of salary is obviously what can be considered a very high compensation.

It must be pointed out that not every physician assistant can expect to make the same amount of money since there are varying factors that contribute to how much money a physician assistant can make. For instance, if you are a physician assistant who lives in a large, metropolitan area, then you can stand to probably make a little bit more than what you would be making if you worked in a more rural area. Similarly, if you are a physician assistant with a lot of experience under your belt, you, too, can expect to make more money than if you are a physician assistant just starting out.

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